Hello, flow!

This winter I started mountain biking again having not ridden much off-road for years. I’ve had a very nice bike on loan for a few months, and started going over to my local trails in Ashton Court to every now and again. It turned out to be quite a revelation. The first time I went […]

500 miles through France, or, In Your Face, Anaemia

I wrote back in August about the frustration of having to be sensible and not ride my bike because I felt wiped out and suspected I was anaemic again. Shortly after that, I booked tickets to go and visit friends in south of France, leaving myself 10 days to cycle back. I really don’t listen to […]

One such narrative

I wrote in my last post about the negative effect reading too many stories of epic adventures and overcoming all adversity can have on me, since I find it hard to go easy on myself, stop and rest. I’m learning to change this, and want to change my own narrative by reading more stories about people stopping, […]

When self-care means not riding

I had an awesome plan for this weekend: I was going to be riding the Exmouth Exodus, 100 miles overnight from Bath to Exmouth. During the week I rigged up my new dynamo lights especially for the occasion, and was excited about finding out what my body would make of riding when I’m normally asleep. I’d been really looking forward to it.

Taking my grief for a ride

In 2016, after my cousin Harry died, I spent 5 weeks cycling around the UK. I wrote this piece about the ride, and it was published in issue #19 of the very excellent Boneshaker Magazine. Here’s the full text.

Allowing change

This week I spent 5 days cycling solo through Wales: I rode 320km, with around 3400m climbing, but the numbers are insignificant. The change in my headspace was far more important, and I learnt a lot about being flexible and allowing change to happen.